Bamboo Selection

  • Reaches 3-4m – Our smaller option

  • Twice fence height

  • Best choice for containers

  • Easily pruned to the desired height

  • Reaches 5-6m – Our taller option

  • Three times fence height

  • Best choice for privacy from tall buildings

  • Best for hedging and pleaching

  • Easily pruned to desired heigh

General Plant Size at Purchase

Please note this is general information about the size of the plants at the time of purchase. Not the eventual size of the variety.


Most of our plants are sold in the PB28 size. It doesn’t take long to get a bushy hedge from this grade. If you plant in Spring and Summer you’ll get approx one metre height and double bushiness over several weeks. If you buy in Autumn and Winter you won’t see the growth till the following summer however the advantage is the plants are growing their root system in situ ready for the summer growth.

Sizes are approximate and depend on the season. PB is an industry size unit and stands for ‘Planter Bag’. The graphic gives the dimensions of the bag sizes. PB8 plants are generally approx 1 -1.5m and PB28 plants are approx 2 -2.5m.

Generally, they are bigger at the end of summer as they’ve had a full growing season.

The bigger the pot then generally the more or bigger shoots and the bushier the plant. The small plants may have 1 or 2 shoots whilst the largest grades generally have more depending on the variety.

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