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We need more space in our nursery for Green Goddess and Slender Weavers Bamboo so we’re having a 50% off clearance sale on all of our medium multiplex varieties. Alphonse Karr, Cream Stripe and Green Hedge. Take this one off opportunity as we wont be replacing these varieties.

These plants are large and bushy as they’ve had their summer shoot flush and are ready for Autumn/winter planting.

If you send me photos I can advise you what is the best plant for your situation. Please look through the website first for pricing and size information. There are also more photos on our Instagram page below.

Town hoses are the new normal and a 1.8m fence doesn’t provide enough privacy, however there are no restrictions on how tall a hedge can be. 
Jungle Flora Bamboo does not sell invasive bamboo species



Clumping Non-invasive Bamboo

Many people have the idea that all bamboo is invasive when in fact there are two very different types of bamboo. Running bamboo and clumping non-invasive bamboo.

Everyone has heard the horror stories about bamboo, where the plants are out of control, it would take over your garden and your neighbours’ garden. They assume all bamboo is invasive. Unfortunately bamboo has received a bad reputation due to a few running species planted in the wrong place.  Auckland Council has now banned these species.

We only grow CLUMPING, NON-INVASIVE BAMBOO! They have shallow roots and a non invasive root structure. Bamboo is technically a grass and like grass there are two types. The clumping types are what we have for our lawns. Fescue and rye give a well behaved lawn. Then there is Kikuyu and twitch which are invasive grasses that get into your garden beds and are difficult to control. Bamboo is similar on a grander scale.


We only sell Clumping Non-invasive Bamboo

Clumping Bamboo

Running Bamboo


Sustainability has always been important to us. Our nursery has a very small carbon footprint. We reuse our pots. If you don’t wish to throw your bags into the landfill we will happily take them back if they are not cut or damaged. Bamboo is very fast growing and sequesters more carbon than other plants. By planting a living bamboo fence you are helping reduce global warming. Every bit helps. 

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