Green Goddess|Bambusa multiplex var. Golden Goddess

New season PB8       $50 ($43.48 +GST)

Available now 

Cheaper option for cost effective screens

50cm spacing

PB8 – 5L   Plants 1-1.5m high


PB8       $75 ($65+GST)

Available now 

Great size for mass planting or hedging

50cm spacing

PB8 – 5L   Plants 1.5 – 2m high


PB28      $150 ($130+GST)

Available now   landscapers grade – will establish and gain height quicker than the PB8’s

Would suit 75cm spacing

PB28 – 12L   Plants 1.5 – 2.5m high


35 litre $225 ($195+GST) 

Sold out – available Spring 24  biggest GG grade for instant privacy 

75cm spacing

35L   Plants 3m high


Mature Height | 3 – 4m Tall


Conditions: sun or shade | Cold Hardy to -4C


Planting Spacing  | 500mm – 750mm


Green Goddess is a very popular bamboo for so many reasons. Suitable for smaller gardens, decks and tight spaces, pots and planters. Creates green space and privacy and doubles the height of a normal fence. If left alone it will reach approximately 4m.

It has an upright bushy habit.  It is very easy to clip into a hedge. It is the best choice for containers as it is a smaller variety.

Saying that if you have a choice to have a bottomless planter that is better than a closed planter. Bamboo needs access to water and food which is easier when growing in the ground. A planter makes it a pot plant which is fine for a while but long term the plants will suffer compared to ones in the ground.

The dated photos below show growth in 18 months.  The hedge will reach a further 2m. 


Green Goddess Growth Rate

At planting

9 months later

1.5 years later

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