Slender Weavers | Bambusa textilis var. Gracilis


PB28  $175 ($152+GST )

Available now  Most popular size

1m spacing

PB 28 | 12 litre – Plants approx 1.5m height



35 litre $250 ($217+GST)

Available now landscapers grade

Largest size for instant privacy

1.5m spacing

35 litre – Plants approx 2.5-3m height 



Mature Height | 6 – 7m Tall


Conditions | Sun or shade | Cold hardy to -6C


Planting Spacing  | 1m – 1.5m



This is not called ‘the Instagram Bamboo” for nothing. It is the most popular bamboo because of its upright habit and lush, dark green leaves. It will grow in tight spaces.

It is the best one for pleaching. Pleaching is done by stripping the bottom leaves of the canes and hedging the the top growth to the desired height.

For best results a bottomless planter will keep the width of the plant controlled to the width of the planter. This is not a root barrier as they don’t have invasive roots but it does act as a shoot barrier by restricting the width. This bamboo is NOT suitable for a closed trough planter. These plants need contact with the ground.


If left alone with no bottomless planter or pleaching the girth or footprint of the clump will reach about 1- 1.5m and height of 6-7m





It tolerates sun or shade


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