Bottomless Planters

These photos are an example of a sleeper frame with no bottom and open to the ground. The garden is a small courtyard. The deck was built to the same height as the frame. This softened the concrete. From planting to pleaching was 14 months. 


A bottomless planter or sleeper frame is the better option than a closed planter. It restricts the plant/hedge to the given width whilst allowing the plants to grow naturally in the ground. Your plants will be healthier and not require the same watering and feeding regime that pot plants require. Please note THIS IS NOT A ROOT BARRIER BECAUSE YOU DON’T NEED ONE. CLUMPING BAMBOOS DON’T SPREAD



Troughs, Bottomless Planters and Irrigation



Bamboo grown in a restricted space does need irrigation and regular feeding. Bamboo is extremely fast growing but to do this it needs water and food. Unrestricted bamboo needs water and food in the first year but after that it looks after itself unless it is drought conditions.

Troughs are available from most garden centres. The ideal size for a trough is 1m long x 500mm high x 400mm wide. 

You can build a simple frame from macrocarpa sleepers or tanalised timber.

We offer a build and planting service on request. The photos above are a garden built and planted by Tristan. Contact us if you want help with this. (we only offer built bamboo planters and planting. Not a full landscaping service)

For irrigation we recommend OZONE IRRIGATION Elliot – 021 0832 2312. 

Andy from Goldies Custom Boxes also makes planters to measure, phone him on 021 147 6630 or check out his Facebook page

Photo below left: Standard closed troughs 1m long x 500mm high x 400mm wide

Photo middle: Built in bottomless planter

Photo bottom right: Example planting of a bottomless planter from Goldies Boxes


Bamboo Poles and Fencing

Contact Mark Mortimer for dry bamboo poles, fencing and anything creative made from bamboo. Check out his website here


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