Welcome to Jungle Flora Bamboo – No More Neighbours

Our bamboo nursery has a selection of varieties to suit your screening requirements.


With Auckland’s ever expanding city our gardens are getting smaller and privacy is becoming ever more precious. It is the perfect solution to create privacy in a smaller space however please be mindful of your neighbours and choose carefully so as not to block their view or sun. Our ‘Plant Sales Page’ gives information on sizes.

What is the difference between a runner and clumper? Most people are scared of bamboo and think all types are invasive. The running types are the invasive ones as they spread and can create a problem. The clumping types just send up canes close to the mother plant, forming a clump. Over time the clump expands but doesn’t spread.

Jungle Flora Bamboo only sells clumping varieties. 


Contact Mark Mortimer at Bambusero for dry bamboo poles, fencing and anything creative made from bamboo. Check his website http://www.bambusero.co.nz




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